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Construciton Option Construciton Option
Construciton Option Construciton Option


Construciton Option

Product Description

When choosing kitchen cabinetry,you’ll find that there are two types of cabinetry Framed and Frameless.Both have advantages and offer various styles and design options.To help you decide which best suits your market or project,here are a few details to help you differentiate between framed and frameless cabinets.

Face frame cabinets have a face frame that is attached to and covers the front of the cabinet box.Face frame cabinets are extremely popular in the United States and are commonly referred to simply as“American”style cabinets.They offer a more traditional design aesthetic with a touch of classic Americana.Normally the box is made of 1/2”plywood,face frame stiles and rails is 1-1/2”x 3/4”.There are three main types of cabinet overlay for face frame cabinets,inset,partial,and full.When you choose face frame cabinet,You’re limited to solid wood or MDF for your cabinet materials.Engineered materials such as thermofoil,melamine,or acrylic aren’t available.

frameless cabinets do not have a face frame.Instead,the cabinet doors and drawers close flush with the edges of the cabinet box.Just as face frame cabinets are often referred to as American,frameless cabinets are considered to be a“European”style.Frameless cabinet box panels are normally 3/4”thickness,and this box construction provides full access to the cabinet interior and larger drawer box capacity.More fillers are recommended in the design to ensure minimum clearance is met for door and drawer openings.

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